Duchess Kate helps boy on train thinking he is lost

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August 03, 2022 – 21:50 BST Matthew Moore The Duchess of Cambridge shows how grounded she is as she talks to a boy she thought she lost during a train journey to the Commonwealth Games was.

Duchess of Cambridge Prove just how grounded she is as she talked to a young boy she thought was lost.

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Kate was on her way to the Commonwealth Games and decided to take the train to Birmingham where she encountered a young boy who is her son. Times Columnist Matthew Syed. in a columnThe journalist explained that he and his son, Ted, were traveling in first class when he went to use the bathroom while Ted waited outside for them.

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he explained: “When I’m doing my job, I hear him talking to a woman in the vestibule. ‘are you here alone?’ she asks. ‘No, my dad is there’ – he says pointing to the toilet,

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Matthews continued, adding that he heard the pair laughing together, adding that they were having a “whale of a time”.

As he left the chamber, he went to thank the woman before realizing that she was the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate was at the Commonwealth Games with William and Charlotte

His son, however, was none the wiser, as Matthew recalled: “‘Did you know who he was, son?’ I ask her. ‘No idea, but she was really good,’ he replies.”

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He ended the piece by writing: “The Duchess had no idea she was talking to a journalist’s son, so I take it to reflect her character and sense of duty. The monarchy is in consummate hands,

While Kate took the train to the event, Prince William And Princess Charlotte chose a more thrilling path to enter as Duke of Cambridge flew them on a helicopter,

Duchess enjoys traveling by train

William is an experienced and respected helicopter pilot, having served in East Anglian Air Ambulance from 2015 to 2017.

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He initially learned to pilot helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in the RAF, and trained as a search and rescue pilot in 2009.

After passing his exams in 2010, he conducted 156 operations and qualified as an Operational Captain.

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