Do you know how to remove false nails correctly? Check it out here!

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False nails are on the rise. After all, they are simple to put on and can be found in several beautiful models.

However, when investing in this model, it is essential to know how to remove false nails correctly so as not to harm your natural nails. Are you taking it right? Check out Colorama’s tips here.

Warm water for false nails

“A tip that helps to remove the false nail very easily is the use of warm water”, explains the brand on its blog.

Acetone for Adhesive Nails

“THE adhesive false nails removal It also doesn’t have much mystery, and it can be made at home. The tip is whenever possible to opt for warm water and in the last cases, use acetone”, he teaches.

However, acetone can also be a solution. “If you encounter difficulties in removing the false nail in this way, the tip is to separate a little acetone in a container, and leave your nails dipped in acetone for at least 1 minute. The false nail will be removed more easily”.

Professional for false gel nails

“In the case of false gel nails, the indication is always to look for a professional. This moment calls for greater attention and the need for specific products to carry out the removal in a correct way”, he concludes.

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