Delia’s Gone trailer sees Stephen James on the hunt for his sister’s killer

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Vertical Entertainment has released the trailer of their upcoming film Delia is gone Which depicts an exciting murder mystery and search for answers. The film will hit the theaters on August 19 and is directed by Robert Budreau also co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Michael Hamblin,

The trailer, released on the official Vertical Entertainment YouTube page, begins with the murder of a young woman named Delia (Janelle Williams) with the tension of the scene shown with the film’s gritty camerawork, his brother Louis (Stephen James) tries to convince the police that he doesn’t know what happened to him. However, the police, played by Marisa Tomeis And Paul Walter HauserPoint out that they don’t believe him.

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Louis is later seen in prison for the crime. After a flashback sequence of Louie and his sister together, Louie has a confrontation with a man, played by Travis Fimele, which holds information about Delia’s death. The film’s emotional tension continues throughout the performance as the trailer begins a montage that shows Louis, after escaping, confronting several suspects and searching for the truth behind Delia’s death. The trailer ends with a showdown between Louie and the same cops as before in what will likely be an intense scene.

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The trailer does an effective job of showcasing the emotional turmoil that Louis will face throughout the film and teases James’ strong acting performance as he attempts to find answers to Delia’s murder. The trailer also features a strong performance from Tomei, one of the cops looking for Louie. Though the trailer gives no clue of the mystery, it effectively shows that the film will offer the audience an emotional and thrilling quest for the real killer. The answer to who is behind Delia’s murder will be unraveled when the film releases in theaters later this month.

Budreu Co-Production Delia is gone together Jonathan Bronfman with Geoff Ashenhurst as editor. David Brad composes the music for the film starring James, Tomei, Fimmel, Hauser and Williams.

Watch the trailer and official synopsis for the film below:

Delia follows Gone Louis (Stephen James), who has an intellectual disability and lives with her older sister Delia (Janelle Williams) amid a struggle with addiction following her father’s death. After a night of drinking, Delia’s truck is abandoned at a bar, sparking suspicion from the local sheriff (Marissa Tomei), who soon learns she has been killed. All evidence points to Louis, who, under pressure from the police, pleads guilty and is sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of his sister. Upon release, Louis is confined to a home care facility, where he is visited by Stacker (Travis Fimmel), one of the men to see Delia alive for the last time, implying that more than meets the eye. I have more to his death. With this new information, Luis escapes the facility on a private mission to find out who is responsible for Delia’s mysterious death.