Daughter burying father in illegal woodland pagan funeral escapes prison

Eris Brett, 31, and her partner Mark Watson, 46, have escaped prison after their father was buried in an illegal ceremony. (Wales News Service)

A daughter who buried her father in an illegal woodland pagan funeral and failed to register his death escaped prison.

Donald Brett, 31, and his partner Mark Watson, 46, buried Donald Brett in a secret countryside after he died of natural causes.

Merther Tydfil Crown Court heard that the feeble Mr Brett made a final request that he wish to be buried in the woods near Bilth Wells, in Aberdaw, near his farmhouse home in a medieval non-Christian style.

Mr Brett is believed to have been 78 years old or 79 at the time of his recent death.

He was last seen alive in June 2019, though his body was not discovered for two years.

Brett and Watson were arrested after authorities suspected Mr. Brett’s whereabouts. The couple told authorities where they buried him, and said he had died of natural causes.

When they were exhumed, the body was wrapped in a Hessian cotton blanket with twine wrapped in a cross pattern in a “medieval burial” pattern.

Many items were buried with the body, including artistic supplies, poems, and flowers.

Prosecutor Tom Scapens said Mr Brett’s cause of death was identified as a lung condition, but he was also suffering from prostate cancer.

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The couple escaped prison during a hearing at Merther Tydfil Crown Court. (PA)

He said Mr Brett was a “non-conformist in his approach to life” who “lived in a unique way.”

Scapens said: “He would not seek medical attention or advice unless it was absolutely unavoidable and, if he had to seek treatment, would allow only minimal intervention. This was confirmed by medical notes and statements throughout the investigation.” it occurs.

“Donald Brett was a strong character and evidence showed that he was determined to express his will to defendants about how he wanted to die and how he wanted to be buried.

“The defendants fulfill those wishes in the spirit of both love and loyalty to Donald Brett, but also because their own views on a person according to their wishes must live out and receive medical attention.

“They were extremely misguided, but it was not malicious.”

Nicolas Gage to Brett said: “It is clear that this was something that happened out of some loyalty and love. It was misguided but was not born out of anything other than love and loyalty. She was of good character. Is.”

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Donald Brett wants to be buried near his home in Aberdaw, near Bilth Wells (not pictured). (Google)

“During the days leading up to his death, Donald Brett was undoubtedly in extreme ill health and excruciating pain. They did not override her wishes and took her to the hospital when they should have, but again, they did so not with malicious intent, but because they had misguided and serious thoughts and loyalty to Mr. Brett. .

The judge, recorder Greg Bull QC, told him: “You put every loving care into her burial. It wasn’t a secret hastily burial in the dead of night. The way she was buried shows that You loved him, and I keep that in mind.

“It seems to me that I will have to serve a sentence because the public wants the dead to be dealt with well.”

“You are a loving couple who suffered the death of Miss Brett’s father from natural causes. Because of your respective lifestyles, it was hoped that they might be buried by an unconventional method.

“You chose to give him his funeral, which could be described as some kind of pagan funeral.

“Everyone has a right to their beliefs and should not comment about you. But you should have gone about it differently.

“You could have achieved a single purpose by obeying the law and it’s not where you think or where it thinks fit, but where you’re allowed to bury him and enter death – those were the two things you did.” failed.”

The couple, from St. Harmon’s, near Ryder, Powys, were sentenced to four months of suspended sentence.