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Corey Wieneke Murder: Where is Jessica Becker Today?

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Image Source: NBC Dateline

Corey Wieneke Murder: Where is Jessica Becker Now? – No one could have predicted Corey Wieneke’s case would turn out the way it did when he was bludgeoned to death with an aluminum softball bat in his rural Iowa home in 1992. After all, as NBC’s Dateline episode “The Black Candle Confession“ detailed, not only did it take nearly 25 years for justice to be served, but it was a woman’s childhood recollection that tied it all together.

Jessica “Jessi” Becker was the woman in question, and we’ve got you covered if you want to learn more about her role in the case as well as her present whereabouts.

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where is Jessica Becker in Corey Wieneke Murder
Image Source: NBC Dateline

Jessica Becker: Who is She?

Jessica “Jessi” Becker, a native of West Liberty, a small community where everyone knows everyone, was fully aware of both Corey Wieneke and Annette Hazen (now Cahill) in 1992. Indeed, the then-9-year-old was close friends with Annette’s niece Kayla Hazen, which meant she was a regular visitor to their family’s farmhouse and even frequented sleepovers. “[Annette] would take us to see movies, scary movies, and pizza,” Jessi once explained their relationship. “She was my goofy, favourite aunt, and we spent a lot of time with her as well.”

Jessi regarded Corey as a “big brother” before confessing that his death on October 13 had a long-term impact on the entire community, particularly her, because she knew a shocking secret. She stated she and Kayla were at the Hazens’ for a Halloween overnight when they went downstairs to discover Annette lighting black candles in the dining room and sobbing profusely. “Corey, I’m sorry if I offended you. I’m really sorry, Corey. I had no intention of killing you, Corey. She recalls Annette saying, “And Corey, I love you,” after which the girls dashed upstairs to avoid being spotted.

Jessi subsequently told her mother about it, but they never went to the cops since the Hazens were not only well-liked in the community, but one of their family members was also the Sheriff. But, 25 years later, in December 2017, when the now-adult Jessi ran into a cold case investigator at the hospital where she worked as a charge nurse, she decided to tell the whole story.

Thus, the Division of Criminal Investigation reopened the investigation, Annette’s arrest in May 2018, and her ultimate 2019 trial, where Jessica didn’t hesitate to provide a thorough testimony to secure justice.

Who is Jessica Becker
Image Source: NBC Dateline

What Happened to Jessica Becker?

Jessi appears to be moving on to the best of her abilities now that Corey’s case has come to a satisfactory conclusion, and she no longer has to bear any of the weight alone. Even though she is still clearly located in rural Iowa, she has managed to make a nice life for herself by working in the medical field for more than 15 years.

According to our information, the Mount Mercy College and Allen College graduate has progressed from a Nursing Assistant to a Registered Nurse and now works as a Neurosurgery Hospitalist at the University of Iowa Health Care. Jessi appears to be quite satisfied with her current situation, which is all that matters.

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