Concern about the tone of the statement that denies the death of Chyno Miranda

Written by waploaded

In recent months, speculation has not stopped regarding the whereabouts and state of health of Chyno Miranda due to the stories that have circulated assuring that he was on the verge of death or that he was being held against his will by one of his relatives in Venezuela.

Last July 29 The situation went further when the news of his death was spread in a clinic in that country due to the consequences of the coronavirus, which caused him peripheral neuropathy due to complications in the nervous system.. Now his team has rooted out those rumors by clarifying that they are not true, but they have not managed to reassure their fans. Rather the opposite.

The reason for alarm has been the words chosen by his representative Julio Ducharne: “At this time, he is alive”, he assured in statements to People en Español to clarify any news in his recovery process would be publicly notified. However, it seems to imply that the singer’s diagnosis is much more delicate than previously believed.

Ducharne has stressed that Chyno is immersed in a “process” that requires calmalthough he has also added that he hopes he will be able to return to work “in the coming months.”

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