Clarissa Molina accused of owing money to the director of Miss Dominican Republic, Magali Febles

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Clarissa Molina, reporter for El Gordo and La Flaca on Univision.

Photo: Jose R. Madera/Getty Images

One of the chain’s favorite Dominicans Univision and winner of Our Latin Beauty, Clarissa Molina, is being accused of owing money to Magali Febles, director of Miss Dominican Republic and who claims to have helped her when the reporter from The fat and the skinny he won that contest.

Through your account Instagram, the director of Miss Dominican Republic made strong statements about Clarissa Molina. It ensures that, by the time one of the figures of The fat and the skinny won Our Latin BeautyI had to go back to Dominican Republic and crown the next winner. Febles says that he granted a permit to the former beauty queen and that she supposedly must have paid a commission of 30% that has not canceled.

He also explains that he invested a lot of money in Clarissa Molina and that it was not the preferred one to win Our Latin Beauty. “You already know that if they tell her that you can earn 200 thousand dollars and I will get my 30%, then one gives in… Let her tell me: -Oh, I don’t want to pay you, let’s fix Magali, let’s look for the return-… And she tells me: -Look Magali, do you know what we are going to do? I can’t give you 30% but look, I’m going to give you 10%- Well, you take it “, she is heard saying to Magali Febles.

Until the time of the closing of this note, Clarissa Molina would not have commented on it. However, we were able to get information from an interview that she offered Magali Febles when Clarissa Molina was crowned the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2016. “We are very happy. It’s another win for the Dominican Republic. Clarissa is a spectacular girl, who I have always said from day one because she allowed me to work with her .. ”, is part of the excerpt of what she said for her moment the director of Miss Dominican Republic. If you want to read the full article, you can click here.

Clarissa Molina She has managed to position herself as one of the most important Latin presenters of Hispanic entertainment in the United States. In addition to being one of the most charismatic and loved by the public and the presenters of The fat and the skinny: Lili Estefan Y Raul de Molina. The latter has acted as a mentor for the Dominican, for whom she has incalculable respect.

The former beauty queen and also a model has been engaged to the music entrepreneur for more than a year Vincent Saavedra. Same with whom he is planning his wedding and with whom he has an excellent relationship, which includes the daughters of the Puerto Rican that he had in previous relationships.

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