Chin bob: the most elegant and practical haircut

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Bob haircuts are always a hit for any season. However, now it has a new version. The chin bob is nothing more than a style that extends to the chin and falls in a polished and very sophisticated way, making it an elegant bet.

As Telva states, it is an option that suits any woman, whether she has straight hair or wavy and curly hair, who also do not distinguish age or type of face.

The difference from the traditional bob is in its dimension. because it’s a little shorter and straighter, though it depends on the user with those details she wants to give due to her personality.

“The chin bob it’s a haircut right at the hairline so that when you tilt your head you get that pretty neck-to-chin effect. For this, the cut is worked so that the hair is a little on the back”, explains the stylist Eduardo Sánchez to the source.

“Then, the hair is cut at a slight angle from the nape of the neck to the height of the chin, leaving the neck in the air, so helps visually elongate short necks and flatter them “, he added.

The chin bob doesn’t need a lot of attention, it hardly needs styling, making it a versatile option for anyone who is busy or doesn’t take care of their hair as much.

“It’s a great bet for women with fine hair because it’s a cut that generates a lot of volume and movement”, considers the specialist. Works best on oval, square and oblong faces. In the case of round ones, it is better to avoid it if it is done with a line in the middle.

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