Britney Spears reveals that she wanted to marry in a Catholic church, but was prevented

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Britney Spears.

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

last June Britney Spears Finally she was able to fulfill her dream of marrying Sam Asghari in a ceremony held at his home in Thousand Oaks, California. Apart from the unexpected appearance on the scene of her second husband Jason Alexander – who snuck onto the property demanding to see her – it seemed that everything had turned out just the way the bride wanted.

However, the wedding that Britney had in mind was very different. Initially she wanted to get married in a Catholic revealed now in Instagrameven though she grew up educated in the Southern Baptist faith. His plans were cut short by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the venue to close. Although she did not give up, when the time came, she ran into another obstacle just as unexpected.

“I wanted to go to mass every Sunday… It was a beautiful place and they said it was temporarily closed due to Covid”, he explained in a message published along with a photo of the interior of the ship. “Two years later, When I wanted to get married there, they told me that I had to be Catholic and also pass an exam. Isn’t the church supposed to open its doors to everyone?”

Britney did not clarify which was the temple that turned her backbut her followers have applauded her courage in exposing all those who stand in her way now that she is no longer limited by the legal guardianship she lived under until recently.

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