Brad Pitt and his Bullet Train director reveal how he pulled off those ‘killer cameos’

WARNING: This article contains spoilers bullet train,

Aaron Taylor-Johnson confident audience will be surprised bullet train Just like he was making.

Taylor-Johnson, who plays one of the many killers in the film, remembers calling director David Leach because he didn’t know who he was starring with that day. The mystery character’s codename was Burley Man. “I tap this guy on the back, he turns around and it’s like, ‘It’s f—ing Channing Tatum,’” Taylor-Johnson tells EW.

Viewers already know that Sandra Bullock is one of the big names to appear in bullet train, A fun summer action made up of simple elements: a speeding train, a mysterious briefcase, a bunch of hired killers. The voice of Maria Beetle, the ladybug handler of the bull, Brad Pitt, has already been revealed in the trailers, but there are two other “killer cameos”, as Pitt calls it.

bullet train

Scott Garfield/Sonny Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock reunite on ‘Bullet Train’.

Earlier this year, moviegoers saw Pitt in a cameo for the adventure rom-com of Bullock and Tatum the Lost City As a flamboyant handsome rescuer. but bullet train first started filming the Lost CitySo it was Leach and Pitt who first asked their questions.

“Sandy bailed me out. I can’t tell you how many times,” Pitt says in an episode of EW. around the table video series. “I literally asked her to host an event for thousands of people while I was on vacation: ‘Kata’ [your] Vacation is short, get a gown, and come over.’ And she will be there for me. She’s been a wonderful friend all these decades.”

So when he was supposed to play Maria Beetle (the ladybug speaking through her earpiece for the most part of the film), Pitt thought of Bullock. “His voice, I don’t know, it’s like Morgan Freeman,” Pitt said, laughing at his costar. “For gravity.”

Leach says she and Tatum have been trying to work together for a while before bullet train The opportunity presented itself. “It was a very simple question,” admits the director.

Meanwhile, Bullock and Tatum were planning to begin work. the Lost City, “This idea of ​​just cross-pollinating each other’s projects was really cool fun,” recalls Pitt, whose character is hired to rescue Bullock’s romance writer Loretta Sage from kidnapping.

the Lost City

Kimberley French/Paramount (LR) Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and Channing Tatum star in ‘The Lost City’.

but we can’t forget bullet trainAnother big surprise cameo: Ryan Reynolds.

Leach previously directed deadpool 2, which starred Reynolds as a katana-wielding merch with a mouthful. “Working with comedic talent like him has impressed me bullet train,” says Leach. “It was great to have him back. ‘Party. Here’s the deal.’ ,

The entire movie long, the name Carter is mentioned. He’s like a dick as we gather, but we don’t see his face. She is the killer ladybug working on this bullet-train mission which derails. It is only at the end, after the build up, that a slow motion flashback reveals Carter to be none other than Reynolds, taking off his motorcycle helmet.

Reynolds had only one condition before agreeing to do the cameo: brevity. “He said, ‘As long as it’s the same length as Brad’s Vanisher cameo.’” Leach recalls.

Pitt appeared – sometimes briefly – in deadpool 2 As the Vanisher, the invisible mutant Deadpool is hired to join the X-Force. Along with several members of the team, Vanisher dies after jumping off a plane. He gets caught in some electrical wires and dies. The jerks appear to him just a flash, played by Pitt to him.

“I don’t know whether I lived up to my end of the bargain,” says Leach. “Some of our frames may be longer.”

bullet train Now playing in cinemas.

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