Boyz II Men star falls short on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ after two comically bad answers

Vanya Morris and Shawn Stockman of Grammy-winning R&B group Boyz II Men reach the end of the road in their quest to win Fast Money celebrity family feud, Sunday, just nine points short. Unfortunately, none of them could win for answering a very simple clue wrong: name a month of the year with five letters.

Morris answered “July”, while Stockman erred in the other direction, replying “August”. Morris knew immediately that he had messed up, as did Stockman.

Despite getting 130 out of the required 200, as soon as his answer came on board, Morris said, “Oh, hey. I straight up thought — oh, man. Uh.”

Stockman turned his back on his answer and admitted to succumbing to the pressure.

“There’s a lot of pressure out there, Steve,” Stockman told Steve Harvey. “There’s a lot of pressure, man.”

She then hung her head and began walking off stage before understanding Harvey brought her back, “No, Sean, you really have to stay out of here and deal with it.”

Then, while going through the answers and matching points, needed only nine out of 200, Harvey milked those last moments before showing the clear result that no one answered August in the survey, nine people. Leave it. Stockman sat down on stage and hung Harvey’s bloated head.

Harvey incorrectly sums up those numbers, saying, “We only need five damn people who don’t know it’s two U in August.” “We just need five people who don’t know that there are two u in August. If we get rid of one of them, our ass is making money.”

Stockman’s answer got the buzzer as expected. The number one answer was “March”.

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