Are you still in love with Angela Aguilar? Gussy Lau, the singer’s ex, releases a song of spite

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Angela Aguilar.

Photo: David Becker for The Latin Recording Academy / Getty Images

We know that when a photo of Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau kissing, a great controversy was created on the internet, since the composer is 33 years old and the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty is only 18 years old. Lau had been a bit out of touch with social media, but has shared a video that caught the attention of his followers

In a post on Instagram, the composer was shown playing a new song on his guitar watching the sunset in Sinaloa, Mexico. Listening to the lyrics of this theme, many of his followers noticed what they said and speculated that it could be dedicated to Angela.

“For everything that I loved you one day and the great affection that I still have for you, I will let this heal and see where I stand”, says a part of this Gussy Lau song. “It is better that I let you go because I only hurt you, you are too much for this loser and do not cry, better years will come, from afar you will be my great love”, the song continues.

The relationship between Lau and Ángela Aguilar ended after the photo of the two very loving, which the composer had mounted in his stories for “best friends” on Instagram, was leaked. This caused a stir for the 15 years they have been and because, as the singer specified, she felt violated by this situation.

“To those who are bothered by my age, spare my life. What a crime, I apologize. But if my partner doesn’t mind, why do I have to worry about what someone else thinks?expressed the composer in the midst of the controversy, he was highly criticized in networks for hanging out with Ángela.

René Humberto Lau Ibarra is Gussy Lau’s first name. The composer has worked writing great hits for celebrities such as Christian Nodal, Grupo Firme, Caliber 50, among many others.

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