Ana de la Reguera confesses that they have taken papers from her because of the number of clicks she generates

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the mexican actress Ana de la Reguera She continues to consolidate herself as one of the favorite actresses of the Hispanic public, because not only her projects are selected in detail, but also because she has managed to overcome the adversities that her adventure in Hollywood has brought her, and in the framework of her most recent series “ Ana” from PANTAYA and Prime Video, which is already in its second season, spoke exclusively with La Opinion about how it has been subjected to superficial issues.

Specifically to the decision of whether or not to have a role depending on the number of clicks and followers on social networks, a reality that has already reached the entertainment industry and this would have put talent aside, since it would matter more how much marketing can be done with the image of certain celebrities regardless of their acting background.

“Some platforms do it because of the clicks you have on social networks, they have taken papers from me because the other actress has more clicks than you on the platform. Above all, it happens with directors who do not have as much experience, career, or especially new projects where the platform needs to have a certain security, but when they are already well-established productions, they do not care about that.


According to the famous actress, that ends up marking some new projects and above all it happens when the directors do not have as much experience, but when it is the opposite, these types of arguments cease to be important and the talent on the set stands out, where he managed to share the scene with stars of the stature of Carmen Salinas.

Now Ana is living a great stage as a professional because she has also become the creator of this series that, in addition to causing immense laughter, also leads to reflection when you reach a certain age in which experience should be valued before an outstanding physique, and calls for prioritizing talent before the superficial.

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