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Amy Allan Murder: Where is Her Killer Husband Now?

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Where is Amy Allan’s Killer Husband Today? – On September 14, 2018, James Allan contacted 911 in Tecumseh, Michigan, claiming that he had arrived home to find his wife, Amy Allan, hanging from the basement ceiling. When officials arrived on the scene, they were taken aback by James’ unusually calm demeanour in the wake of Amy’s death.

According to Michigan State Police, James Allan of Tecumseh is accused of killing his wife, Amy Allan. According to MSP, on September 14, 2018, James Allan dialed 911 after discovering his wife, Amy Allan, hanging from the basement ceiling by an electrical line. James reported that he had been able to move her body down and was administering CPR by the time first responders arrived.

The Last Day: The Case of Amy Allan,’ a Dateline documentary, recounts the events leading up to Amy’s death and the subsequent police investigation, which looked to point straight to her husband. If you’re curious about the case and want to know where James is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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James David Allan
James David Allan

Who is James Allan and How Did He Kill His Wife?

At the time of her death, Amy Allan was married to James Allan. Even though, as the cops would soon discover, their marriage had been tumultuous for a long time. James and Amy were well-known in their community as long-time residents of Tecumseh, Michigan, but most of their friends were unaware of the couple’s problems. Despite this, James was thought to be an ordinary family man until the news of Amy’s death brought the truth to light.

James contacted 911 on September 14, 2018, to report that he had arrived home to discover his wife hanging in the basement. Despite the fact that first responders arrived quickly, they discovered Amy’s husband had already pulled her body down from the ceiling and was attempting CPR in the hopes of resuscitating her.

Amy seemed comatose with an electrical cord around her neck at first glance, and investigators assumed she wasn’t breathing. Experts detected a weak pulse on a closer examination and immediately sent her to a nearby medical facility. Nonetheless, Amy’s injuries were too severe, and she died in the hospital.

Interestingly, the police initially assumed Amy had committed suicide throughout the investigation. Their suspicions were aroused, however, when they noted James’ calm demeanour in the aftermath of his wife’s death. He also seemed to back the suicide scenario, implying that Amy had a history of alcohol addiction and bipolar behavior, which could have prompted her to take such drastic measures, according to the show.

However, it’s worth noting that the victim’s relatives flatly denied this assertion. The couple’s marriage, on the other hand, was far from flawless, as the episode revealed James to be a dominating husband who enjoyed directing every aspect of his wife’s life. Amy was also having an affair, which did not sit well with her husband because she was tired of James’ continual control.

Who Was Amy Allan and How Did She Die
Amy Allan

When the authorities examined the cord around Amy’s neck, they found significant evidence that the occurrence was a homicide. After holding the victim’s weight for so long, tests revealed that the electrical cable was not as tense as it should have been. Furthermore, while the cause of death was judged to be asphyxiation by autopsy, the injuries and marks on the victim’s throat did not appear to be consistent with death by hanging. As a result, officials took into account James’ motive and arrested him for Amy’s murder, thinking it to be a clear case of homicide.

The defendant, James David Allan, 39, is charged with murder in the death of his wife, Amy Allan, by strangling her in 2018. Judge Michael R. Olsaver of Lenawee County is presiding over the case. “It’s a tough case with many witnesses,” said R. Burke Castleberry Jr., prosecuting attorney for Lenawee County. “It’s not an easy case, but I wouldn’t have filed the charges if I wasn’t certain.”

After a two-year investigation, the defendant was charged with open murder in October. He was apprehended in his home state of Florida and waived extradition. Daniel T. Geherin of the Geherin Law Group and Brian Dale Montoye, both of Ann Arbor, are on his defence team.

According to The Daily Telegram, Geherin is looking forward to proving his client’s innocence in the murder case.

In a statement, Geherin said, “Mr. Allan passionately affirms his innocence on this issue, as he had absolutely nothing to do with Amy Allan’s untimely death by suicide on September 14, 2018.” “Throughout the two-year inquiry, he cooperated with authorities and gave evidence and statements demonstrating his innocence from the start. He’s been in prison for nearly a year for a crime he didn’t commit, and he longs to see his family. He is looking forward to the facts being presented to a jury of his peers so they can know for themselves that he is completely innocent and did nothing wrong.”

where is James Allan now
James was sentenced to 40 years in prison, with a minimum term of 20 years before being eligible for parole.

What Has Happened to James Allan and Where Is He Now?

The autopsy was conducted by the medical examiner of Washtenaw County, and the cause of death was judged to be asphyxiation. The manner of death, however, remained unknown pending further inquiry. Another forensic pathologist evaluated the case and found that the death was a homicide, but admitted in court that given the available evidence, it was a difficult conclusion to make.

Mrs. Allan’s electronic interactions were found to contain messages indicating she was having an extramarital affair, according to the state police detective who examined the matter. Mr. Allan claimed he didn’t know anything about the experience and didn’t believe it, according to him.

When he was brought before the court, James asserted that he had no involvement in Amy’s death and pleaded not guilty to all counts. However, the prosecution claims that the accused choked Amy with his own arms during an altercation. He allegedly put up the entire suicide scheme to throw authorities off track.

On September 24, 2021, a jury of his peers found James David Allan guilty of 2nd Degree Murder. It sentenced him to 20 to 45 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections in front of Lenawee County’s 39th Circuit Court Judge Michael R. Olsaver.

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