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Amy Allan Murder Case: Who Killed Her and Why?

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Amy Allan Murder: How Did Amy Allan Die? Who Killed Amy Allan? – On September 14, 2018, 911 operators in Tecumseh, Michigan, got a frantic phone call from a man claiming that his wife had hung herself. Amy Allan was found in the basement with an electrical cable around her neck when first responders arrived.

While the death was initially thought to be a suicide, detectives soon discovered evidence that pointed to a homicide. ‘The Last Day: The Case of Amy Allan,’ a documentary on Dateline, explores the terrible occurrence and how the subsequent investigation revealed a dark murder conspiracy. Let’s go deeper into the case and learn more about it, shall we?

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Who Was Amy Allan and How Did She Die
Amy Allan

Who Was Amy Allan and How Did She Die?

Amy Allan was a down-to-earth person with a solid social standing, despite her bashful appearance. Amy’s generosity was often remarked on by those who knew her, and she would lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. Amy did not go out of her way to make friends, but she kept up a friendly relationship with the majority of her acquaintances and constantly smiled. Furthermore, Amy’s marriage to James Allan appeared to be pleasant from the outside, and people were taken aback when word of Amy’s abrupt death reached them.

Amy’s husband, James, contacted 911 on September 14, 2018, claiming that he returned home to discover his wife hanging from the basement ceiling. When first responders arrived on the scene, they discovered that James had already brought Amy down and was performing CPR on her. The guy was strangled by an electrical cord and didn’t appear to be breathing.

However, medical experts quickly found a faint pulse and sent Amy to a nearby hospital. Even though emergency services arrived quickly, the victim’s injuries were too severe, and he died in the hospital, converting the case into a homicide. Amy’s death was later revealed to be due to asphyxiation, according to an autopsy.

Who Killed Amy Allan and Why
James David Allan

Who Killed Amy Allan and Why?

Despite the fact that James’ easygoing demeanour raised some eyebrows, there was no indication that anything was amiss. Authorities first suspected Amy had committed suicide based on the location of the incident and the angry 911 call, according to the episode. However, as detectives dug deeper into James and Amy’s daily lives, the case seemed to flip on its head.

To begin with, the show depicted how James seemed to imply that Amy had a history of bipolar disorder and alcohol misuse, both of which could have contributed to her death. However, most of the victim’s family firmly denied this story. Detectives discovered evidence that revealed James as a domineering husband who reportedly dictated how Amy should conduct her life and even blocked her access to social media, according to the episode. According to sources, officials also found Amy’s alleged affair, which had a negative impact on her marriage.

Although these revelations provided James Allan with a motive for murder, investigators were unable to connect him to the killing until they thoroughly studied the area. Experts remarked that the electrical cable was not as tense as it should have been if Amy had hung on to it for a long time after it was submitted for testing.

Tecumseh police discovered several odd facts surrounding the incident throughout their investigation and sought assistance from Michigan State Police. When first responders came, they discovered the cord was still wrapped around her neck, with a slip knot at her neck and another knot tied at the line’s end, where it would have been attached to a hook put into a basement ceiling joist. First responders and personnel at ProMedica Herrick Hospital in Tecumseh and the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor raised their concerns with the police, who opened an investigation.

The knots were not as tight as expected from hanging, the ceiling seemed too low to allow Amy Allan to hang herself, there was little to no apparent trauma to her neck, and James Allan’s demeanor seemed unusual, prompting police to open an investigation. Scientific evidence was gathered during the course of the inquiry, according to Michigan State Police, that directly disproved James’ story that he found Amy hanging in their home’s basement. James Allan was charged with open murder by the Lenawee County Prosecutor’s Office two years later.

When he was brought before the court, James maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty. The prosecution, on the other hand, claimed that James and Amy got into an argument and that he choked her until she passed out. In order to conceal the crime, James is said to have hung Amy’s body from the basement ceiling before phoning the cops. The jury eventually agreed with the prosecution and found James Allan guilty of second-degree murder. As a result, in 2021, he will be sentenced to 45 years in jail, with a minimum of 20 years.

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