After theme park discrimination claims, viral Disney World TikTok captures Woody and Jesse in heartbreaking moment

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Theme parks should be for everyoneBut several videos that have gone viral recently have shown what can certainly be seen as a pattern of racial discrimination in some parks across the country. This is the latest viral theme park video showing From Disney World’s Woody and Jesse toy story Making a little kid’s day more emotional.

clip recently arrived TIC Toc Video of a parade at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Several Pixar characters are making their way through Liberty Square by waving to guests when the cast member dressed up as Jessie, a little black girl dressed as Woody. Woody tries to get Jesse’s attention and fails at first. It looks like he’s about to give up, but then he decides to just walk away and pat Jesse on the shoulder. When Jesse cast member sees the girl she runs to give him a big hug.

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Lots of comments on the video joke that Woody did what he did to make sure Disney World didn’t make headlines like Philadelphia’s Sesame Place in recent weeks. And if we’re being blunt, we can’t be entirely sure it wasn’t on the cast member’s mind. But at the end of the day Woody worked and made this kid’s day and that’s what ultimately matters.

Two weeks ago the Sesame Place theme park in Philadelphia made headlines for all the wrong reasons when a video went viral showing a Sesame Place Employees Totally Denying a Pair of Black Girls The interaction they were looking for. While the theme park claims it was simply a misunderstanding, and attempted to make amends with the family, other videos showing other families dealing with similar behavior began to appear. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Sesame Place accused of discrimination.

Both Seaworld Parks and Recreationwho licenses Sesame Street Sesame Place names and manages the park, and Sesame Workshop, the owner of the IP, has spoken out about the incident and promised additional training for employees to ensure that whatever happened here is real. Prejudice or simply its presence, is not going forward.

You can’t even see this girl’s face in the video, but you can read in her body language what the moment meant to her, and you can equally see in the cast member’s body language that they just No speed. These Moments with Disney World characters make memoriesThat’s why they are so important. It can be difficult to make sure every single guest feels the same when they leave the park, but it’s important when we see people trying.