A Game Of The Year Contender Is All About Cleaning

Written by waploaded

After recently launching out of Early Access on July 14, PowerWash Simulator may be a Game of the Year contender. From its Early Access launch just over a year ago, the game was fairly popular with Twitch streamers, giving them a relaxing task to do while talking to their chats. Now that the game has had its full-fledged launch, it seems the concept is catching on with others as well.

While many games are action-oriented and aim to get a player excited, PowerWash Simulator offers digital cleaning satisfaction. Instead of wiping out hoards of enemies or exploring a vast new world, this new indie allows players to clear grime off of surfaces from backyards and playgrounds to a Mars rover. It lets players get all the satisfaction of power washing, but without any of the inconveniences, like having to pay for new supplies or any of the other monotonous tasks that come with creating a cleaning business. This aligns PowerWash with the Truck Simulator series of games, allowing players to drive across the country with much less stress than a real trucking career would bring.

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With its version 1.0 launch, though, PowerWash Simulator added even more features that make the game go from fun relaxation to Game of the Year contender. First is the addition of online multiplayer to PowerWash Simulator, a feature that now makes the game a relaxing and social experience to be shared with friends. The game also now features a complete career mode, which now even comes with some story for players to enjoy.

Adding online multiplayer is one of the new full release features players can look forward to in the full release of PowerWash Simulator. Players can play with one other player through the game’s career mode or play with a group of up to six in Free Play or Special levels. Now, players can relax with friends in many modes.

In addition, the game’s career mode is now complete and is a perfect way to unwind while still having a sense of direction. This features the player(s) working their way up in the cleaning industry, buying new supplies, washer nozzles, outfits, and more. It even features a campaign with hints of some story and lore for players who want to search for it, but can easily be ignored by those simply looking to clean and relax.

For now, players can find PowerWash Simulator either on Steam or as one of the new July titles on Xbox Game Pass. Currently, there’s no news on the game coming to other platforms. While exiting early access likely means the end of significant content updates, the addition of co-op and the complete career mode makes PowerWash Simulator a worthwhile relaxing game for all players on Xbox and PC to check out.

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